Effective Evidence – About Us

Effective Evidence is an independent systematic review consultancy that produces and disseminates high quality research on health and social care. We specialize in the synthesis of research evidence, delivering systematic reviews and meta-analyses to support different decision-makers in understanding health conditions and the most effective approach to their management. Our research informs patients and their representatives, practitioners, service providers, healthcare commissioners, charitable and other advisory bodies, and government organisations on a wide range of areas in health and healthcare.

The research services provided by Effective Evidence are focused on our clients’ requirements. We produce a range of evidence syntheses, including evidence mapping, rapid reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. These are produced using a rigorous scientific approach, adopting internationally recognized research methods to deliver high quality research to tight timelines.

Effective Evidence consists of senior reviewers (partners), associates and freelance reviewers.  With our complementary skills in information science, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and network meta-analysis (NMA), we are able to offer a full evidence synthesis package. Our expertise in evidence synthesis has also allowed us to develop training courses in systematic reviews, meta-analysis and NMA.

If you would like to commission Effective Evidence to support your evidence synthesis or to undertake training, we can offer a bespoke service to address your specific requirements.